About us

Junk Beez represents the collection arm of the 11 year old recycle company, Debri-Tech. Our sister organization, Rapid Recycle, has been in the eco/recycling field since 2003 and is a regional leader in the recycling of electronics and materials of all kinds.

Junk Beez is staffed by a team of field operators and service trucks that have a combined field experience in excess of 60 years working for an internationally known household debris collection service. Our motto has become: “The Landfill is our last resort.”

Community Involvement

Junk Beez is locally owned and operated, offering excellent customer service and superior professional junk removal at extremely competitive pricing. Thanks to our fleet of economically operated vehicles and a generous discount for recycling of a high percentage of materials collected, we are able to offer service prices substantially below our competition.

The Junk Beez continually support local charities, schools and local environmental efforts in the forms of money, education and participation. Our readily available resources are frequently offered for school “recycle drives” and lectures on the effect of recycling for the environment. We are also frequently dispatching teams and equipment for creek and roadside cleanups for local and Federal Earth Day events.

Junk Beez’s parent company, Debri-Tech, vigorously supports the countywide EPA program of roadside cleanup. This takes place over thousands of acres of roadways and storm water run-off systems securing a cleaner and healthier stream flow to the San Francisco Bay and its tributaries.